You're busy filling your suitcase with the necessary clothing for a business trip. Pants, shirts, suit, laptop, surge protector? With a Belkin MasterCube™ you can protect your laptop from over voltages, plus it's compact, so it fits virtually anywhere.
The Belkin MasterCube™ protects one electronic device and one phone line from over voltages. Perfect for use with laptops on business or personal trips.

  • 1 surge-protected AC outlet for a power sensitive device.
  • $10,000 connected equipment warranty.
  • 688 Joule energy rating provides extra protection for standard home and office electronics, including laptops, fax machines, digital answering machines..
  • Phone, fax, and modem protection, because all wiring is susceptible to a power surge. Includes a 6’ phone cord.
  • Plugs directly into the wall so there are no messy cords to deal with.
  • 3-line protection: neutral, hot, and ground.
  • Filters EMI/RMI noise up to 43 dB.
  • Illuminated LED indicates your device is protected.
  • Lifetime product warranty.
  • Maximum spike amperage of 39,000 Amps.