6-Outlet SurgeMaster®


Heavy-duty metal enclosure can survive all the wear and tear of today's work site. 6 outlets and 2 BlockSpaces™ allow room for large AC adapters. 6-foot heavy-duty cord allows convenient placement.
This heavy-duty metal unit protects your computer, fax machine, and peripherals from power surges. Featuring a $15,000 connected equipment warranty, BlockSpace™ for large AC adapters and 6 outlets.

  • $15,000 connected equipment warranty.
  • 650 Joule energy rating provides extra protection for standard home and office electronics, including 486 computers, dot matrix printers, fax machines and personal copiers.
  • Phone, fax and modem protection, includes 6’ phone cord.
  • 6 surge-protected AC outlets for power sensitive devices.
  • 2 BlockSpace™ outlets so you don’t have to sacrifice two outlets to plug in one AC adapter.
  • Heavy-duty 6-foot power cord.
  • 3-line protection: neutral, hot, and ground.
  • Illuminated LEDs indicate your devices are ground and protected.
  • Filters EMI/RFI noise up to 45 dB.
  • Full Belkin lifetime product warranty.