USB Pro Series Motherboard Cable



The Belkin Pro Series USB Motherboard Dual-Port Cable connects external USB devices to a PC's USB-ready motherboard. It features two USB A type female ports connected to two 5-position socket connectors. Before installing, check your motherboard to ensure that it is USB-ready and that it has an 8- or 10-position USB connector.

  • Supported by the Belkin lifetime guarantee.
  • Permits you to take advantage of built-in USB motherboard capabilities for extra ports to plug in devices.
  • Adds two USB “A” type female receptacles to your computer system.
  • Install USB capabilities into your Macintosh® and PC quickly and easily.
  • Adds two 12 Mbits/sec USB ports to your Macintosh® and PC so you can instantly connect any USB device.
  • Compatible with Mac® OS 8.6 or higher or Windows® 98.
  • 20-gauge, double shielded, power wire conductor construction.
  • Impedance matched twisted pair construction to minimize cross talk, ensuring high speed, error-free transmission.
  • Undermold shield helps to prevent radio frequency and electro-magnetic interference (EMI/RFI). Hood shielding eliminates antennae excitation.
  • Foil and braid shield complies with fully rated cable specifications reducing EMI/RFI interference.
  • Gold plated copper contacts provide maximum conductivity and minimizes data loss.