2-in-1 Hub



This design gives you two ultrafast USB hubs in one: a stable base and a travel hub. The 3-port base can connect your larger, more stationary equipment, such as printers and hard drives. The detachable, 4-port travel hub offers a great connection point for your mouse, MP3 player, camera, and flash drives. It's easy to take on the road, and simply plugs into a USB port on your laptop when you need it. Its rotating connector keeps adjacent ports free.

  • Includes power port (power supply included)
  • 4 ports detach from the base to act as a travel hub, while the 3-port base/tray stays on your desk
  • Features a rotating connector on the detachable 4-port hub, to keep adjacent ports free
  • Base stows flash drives, paper clips, and notepads in handy storage tray

    • MacBook Air

    • MacBook Pro

    • MacBook Air 11”

    • MacBook Air 13”

    • MacBook Pro 13”

    • MacBook Pro 15”

    • MacBook Pro 17”