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Your online experience starts with great performance. Advanced technology and enhanced power give you all the speed and coverage you need for surfing, streaming and online gaming.

Belkin routers multibeam technology powerful signal strength

MultiBeam Technology

Belkin’s exclusive MultiBeam antenna technology gives you powerful signal strength and maximum coverage so you can connect from multiple devices, virtually anywhere in your home. High-powered, consistent wireless signal and greater throughput minimizes dead spots throughout your home for optimized video streaming and gaming.

Belkin routers speed multiple wireless antennas


Belkin routers use multiple wireless antennas to transmit and receive digital data in simultaneous radio streams for increased range and throughput. The result? More power and more speed for all your online activities.

Belkin routers dual-band


Double your performance and bandwidth with advanced Dual-Band N routers. Simultaneous bands—2.4 GHz and 5 GHz—eliminate interference and optimize performance for media-intensive applications like video streaming and gaming.

Belkin routers dual-band


Belkin routers go through rigorous 1,200-point quality and endurance testing to ensure they can withstand demanding usage. The SELF-HEALING App detects and resolves network problems behind the scenes and runs routine maintenance scans to make sure you're operating on the clearest wireless channel. The result? Continuous signal for uninterrupted wireless for multiple users across all your applications.