A Guide To SCSI Connectors

Please find below a graphical view of all known SCSI connectors and their common names and usage.



DB25 DB25 is used as a SCSI connector on Macintosh computers and on some SCSI controller cards.


IDC 50 IDC 50 is commonly known as the Internal Connector. It's used extensively, as the internal connector on 8-bit SCSI cards and drives.


DB 50 DB 50 are used as the SCSI connector on some Sun workstation models.


Half Pitch DB68 Half Pitch DB68 is used on SCSI III controller cards and fast SCSI also on wide SCSI drives.


Half Pitch Centronics 50 Half Pitch Centronics 50 is used mostly by Notebook computer docking stations.


Centronics 50 Centronics 50 used as the external SCSI connector on older IBM-compatible SCSI controller cards.


Half Pitch Centronics 60 Half Pitch Centronics 60 used as the SCSI connection on several IBM PS/2 and RS/6000 controller cards.


Very High Density

Centronics 68

Very High Density Centronics 68, the new 0.8mm connector used by many servers and Raid Array controllers.


High Density I30 High Density I30 used as the SCSI connector in Macintosh PowerBook Computers.


Half Pitch DB50 Half Pitch DB50 female is used as a SCSI II connector on many newer controller cards and Sun workstations.


SCA 80

(Single Connector Attachment)

Single Connector Attachment 80-pin. Used in high-end workstations and servers to allow hot-swapping of drives from RAID disk arrays.
    The SCA80 replaces both the 68-pin SCSI connector, the 4-pin power connector, and adds pins for signals that allow for the hot-swapping of the drives.


SCSI Connectors Name Numeric Ref # of pins # of rows Width at widest point Wide or Narrow? Standard Hardware? Pins or Plates Rare?
High Density 68 pin HD-68 68 2 1.87" Wide Thumb screws pins common
High Density 50 pin
(aka HPDB50)
HD-50 50 2 1.43" Narrow Spring Clips pins common
Centronics 50 pin CX-50 50 2 2.5" Narrow Wire Clip plates common
D Sub 25 pin DB-25 25 2 1.56" Narrow Thumb screws pins common
D Sub 50 pin
(often confused with HD-50)
DB-50 50 3 2.12" Narrow Thumb screws pins very rare
Very High Density .8mm micro centronics 68 pin VHDCI-68 68 2 1.31" Wide Thumb screws plates uncommon
High density 68 pin micro centronics 68 pin RS6000 MCX-68 68 2 * * * plates extremely rare
High density 60 pin micro centronics 60 pin RS6000 MCX-60 60 2 * Narrow * plates very rare
High density 50 pin micro centronics 50 pin MCX-50 50 2 * Narrow * plates very rare
High density 80 pin micro centronics 80 pin SCA SCA 80 2 2.18" Wide none / guide plates common