Stylus + Pen for iPad/ Tablet

Colours Available:

  • Overview

    One Stylus, Two Functions

    Write on Paper and Your Tablet
    Designed and weighted like a fine ink pen, the Stylus + Pen feels great in hand. Sketch and draw with the rubber tip that glides smoothly and naturally across your tablet. Seamlessly transition from your tablet to a traditional notebook with the twist-open pen.

    Keep It Handy
    The Stylus + Pen clip is designed to attach easily and securely to a folio. Whether you’re in the office, at home or out and about, it’s convenient to take along and keep track of.

    1 Year Warranty


    • Pen-like feel in hand
    • Rubber tip glides over tablet screen
    • Pen twists open for traditional note-taking
    • Clips easily onto a folio