Powerline Solutions

Turn any electrical outlet into a high-speed network connection.

Powerline technology allows you to reliably transmit Internet content directly to computers and entertainment devices through the electrical wiring in your home—without the need for costly Ethernet cable installation.

Belkin powerline streaming made easy

Streaming Made Easy

Transform your existing electrical wiring into a high-speed network for streaming movies and music from your favorite online services. Powerline solutions let you transmit online content directly to Internet-ready TVs, Blu-ray™ players, gaming consoles, computers or other network devices through any power outlet in your home.*

Belkin powerline stable connection

Stable Connection

Thick walls and cement building materials can degrade wireless signal strength and interfere with network performance. Powerline provides a secure, stable Internet connection in remote rooms or places where wireless signals don’t reach, without the need to install cables throughout your home. With powerline networking, any wall outlet can be turned into an Internet access point with a fast, reliable online connection.

*Router not included