Belkin Components - Claim conditions

Your Connected Equipment Claim against Belkin Components will be processed subject to the following conditions:

1. The Belkin product must be shipped to our corporate office together with a fully complete claim form. We strongly recommend shipping with a carrier who provides a tracking number. Belkin Components is not responsible for parcels lost in transit. Your claim cannot be processed if Belkin does not receive the product. The costs of shipping shall be borne solely by the purchaser. Ship to the following address with a carrier who provides a tracking number.

  • Surge Claim Department (Customer Services)
  • Belkin Components
  • Express Business Park
  • Shipton Way
  • Rushden
  • NN10 6GL
  • United Kingdom

2. Include a copy of the receipt of purchase of the Belkin product and a completed copy of this claim form signed and dated. Include any receipts for the damaged devices and/or repair documentation or quotes if applicable. Lack of supporting documentation may result in delay when processing your claim.

3. If we do not receive the surge protector within 30 business days from the date of this claim form, Belkin Components will consider the claim officially closed.

4. Please keep a copy of your freight receipt or tracking number for future reference. Your claim will be null and void if Belkin does not receive the product.

5. If you have any questions please read through the Belkin Connected Equipment Warranty. You may check the status of your claim by calling Belkin Components at 00 800 22355 460, +44 (0)1933 35 2000 Ext 2900 or email euroclaims@belkin.com.

Click here to download the Belkin Claim Form.


Q.- What happens next?

A.- Once the Surge Claims department receives your claim form and the Belkin product it will be tested to determine whether the product has failed. We will contact you via letter to inform you of the outcome. You can also follow up the status of your claim by calling 00 800 223 55460, or 01933-352000 Ext 2900.

Q.- How long does the claim procedure take?

A.- This depends on how quickly the Belkin product takes to get to the claims department. Units are normally tested within 72 hours of receipt. Once we determine whether the claim is eligible for the connected equipment warranty, we will contact you via letter to inform whether you claim is being declined or is being paid. We may also contact you if there is information missing on the claim form, if there is missing supporting documents (like receipts), or if we require the hardware you are claiming for. Once a settlement letter is signed and returned to Belkin, it takes approximately one week to process the payment (not including postage time).
Q.- Do you replace the equipment?

A.- Not normally. Our warranty pays the fair market value of the damaged equipment or the replacement price you are claiming for (whichever is less). If Belkin can replace any faulty hardware, we may offer this option as settlement, or part of a settlement, if applicable.

Q.- Why does the claim form ask about my Homeowner's insurance?

A.- Some customers opt to use their Homeowner's insurance in addition to the Belkin Connected Equipment Warranty when filing a claim. This information assists in confirming any deductible charges you may be claiming for. If your deductible were less than the fair market value of the damaged equipment, Belkin would pay the fair market value of the equipment; otherwise we would pay the deductible (taking into account the results of testing carried out on the Surge Master®).

Q.- Do I need to ship the damaged equipment?

A.- Not usually, however you should keep hold of the equipment until the claim is closed. If Belkin request to have the equipment and it is not available it will no longer be considered as part of your claim.

Q.- Why do I have to pay for shipping?

A.- The terms and conditions state in the Warranty that the customer is responsible for paying the freight for shipping the SurgeMaster® to Belkin.