Setting up wireless security


All Belkin products support the most common security standard, WEP (Wired Equivalent Privacy).  Additionally, Belkin 802.11g products are equipped with WPA (Wireless Protected Access), the latest wireless security standard.  For ease of installation, wireless security is disabled by default. 

WPA security may be used on Belkin 802.11g (54g) products, if all of the computers on the network are running Windows XP.  Click on the following link for instructions on enabling WPA security: Enabling WPA security

In all other situations, WEP encryption is the best choice.  Please follow the instructions below.

Enabling WEP security on a Belkin Router or Belkin Access Point

1.      Log into your Router or Access Point.

Open your web browser and type in IP address of the Router or Access Point. (The Router default is, the 802.11g Access Point is ). Log into your router by clicking on the “Login” button in the top right-hand corner of the screen. You will be asked to enter your password. If you never set a password, leave the password field blank and click “Submit”.

Click the “Wireless” tab on the left of your screen. Select the “Encryption” or “Security” tab to get to the security settings page.

2.      Select  “128-bit WEP” from the drop-down menu.

3.      After selecting your WEP encryption mode, you can type in your hex WEP key manually, or you can type in a passphrase in the “Passphrase” field and click “Generate” to create a WEP key from the passphrase. Click “Apply Changes” to finish.  You must now set all of your clients to match these settings.  A hex (hexadecimal) key is a mixture of numbers and letters from A-F and 0-9. For 128-bit WEP, you need to enter 26 hex keys.

For example:

C3030FAF4BB2C3D44BC3D4E7E4 = 128-bit key

4.      Click “Apply Changes” to finish. Encryption in the Router is now set. Each of your computers on your wireless network will now need to be configured with the same security settings.

WARNING:  If you are configuring the Wireless Router or Access Point from a computer with a wireless client, you will need to ensure that security is turned on for this wireless client. If this is not done, you will lose your wireless connection.

Note to Mac users: Original Apple Airport products support 64-bit encryption only. Apple Airport 2 products can support 64-bit or 128-bit encryption. Please check your Apple Airport product to see which version you are using. If you cannot configure your network with 128-bit encryption, try 64-bit encryption.


Enabling WEP security on a Belkin client card

The client card must use the same key as the router. For instance, if your router uses the key 00112233445566778899AABBCC, then the client card must be set to the exact same key.

1.      Double-click the Signal Indicator icon to bring up the Wireless Network screen. The Advanced button will allow you to view and configure more options of your card.

  1. The “Advanced” button will allow you to view and configure more options of the card.

  1. Once the advanced button is clicked the Belkin Wireless LAN Utility will appear. This Utility will allow you to manage all the advanced features of the Belkin wireless card.

  1. Under the “Wireless Network Properties” tab, select a network name from the “Available networks” list and click the “Properties” button (h)
  1. Under “Data Encryption” select “WEP”
  1. Ensure the check box “The key is provided for me automatically” at the bottom is unchecked. If  you are using this computer to connect to a corporate network, please consult your network administrator if this box needs to be checked.
  1. Type you WEP key in the “Network key’ box.

 Important: A WEP key is a mixture of numbers and letters from A-F and 0-9. For 128-bit WEP, you need to enter 26 keys.  This Network key needs to match the key you assign to your Wireless Router or Access Point.

For example:

C3030FAF4BB2C3D44BC3D4E7E4 = 128-bit key

  1. Click “OK”, and then “Apply” to save the settings.

 For non-Belkin wireless client cards please consult the manufacturer for that wireless client card’s user manual

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