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Our Accounting team is charged with balancing Belkin’s books and reporting on the Company’s financial performance. The Accounting team works closely with the finance team and other departments such as Operations, Sales, Marketing and Product Management.

The Finance department includes the following disciplines:

  • Budget Planning, Reporting, and Analysis
  • General Leger Accounting
  • Management Reporting
  • Inventory Control
  • Accounts Payable
  • Credit and Collections, Customer Programs Accounting
  • Cost Accounting

People Story

“You may think at the beginning of the day you’re going to do one thing, but many things can change throughout the day,”

- Elvira, Vice President of Finance for Belkin


Elvira, Vice President of Finance

  • Hometown: Alexandrov, Russia
  • Her favorite part of the job: The chance to have a real impact on the company
  • What she likes best about being at Belkin: Being able to approach anyone
  • What you’ll find her doing after work: Spending time with her young son

Elvira has never been afraid of change. When she won a green-card lottery in her native Russia seven years ago, Elvira jumped at the chance to move to the United States. “I’d never been here before,” she says, “but I thought since the opportunity came to me, I should use it. I figured, why not?”

Elvira That openness to change has come in handy at Belkin, where Elvira often has to switch gears fast—from helping the sales department with pricing, to analyzing market share with product managers, to collaborating with top management on budgets.

“You may think at the beginning of the day you’re going to do one thing, but many things can change throughout the day,” she says. “Priorities shift and things have to be done on the fly. The industry is very dynamic and product life cycle is short, so decisions need to be made quickly. If you delay a decision, you’ll miss the boat.”

Elvira Since joining the company in 2005 as Controller, Elvira has thrived—and Belkin has noticed, promoting her first to Director, and most recently to Vice President of Finance. According to Elvira, it’s Belkin’s entrepreneurial environment and the open communication across the organisation that’s helped her to succeed. “People here are always willing to listen to what you bring to the table.”

Skills and Values

You live and breathe Excel and can interpret data into language the rest of us non-numbers people can understand. You’re comfortable working in many different areas of the organisation. You have a true business understanding, a devotion to details and accuracy, and a knack for getting the right information to the right people quickly.