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Full-Time | Amsterdam Area (Schiphol-Rijk), Netherlands | job posted: 22/08/2013



What you’ll do

As an intern in the field of HR learning and development, you will learn how to plan, coordinate, execute and finalize projects. Throughout your internship, you will have the opportunity to learn a diverse range of skills from consultation to program management and communication.


Learn how to effectively deal with a variety of situations, find appropriate solutions and acquire relevant work experience.


During your internship in HR L&D you will be working closely with our HR department, but also liaise with all different department and offices through the whole EMEA region. Both project and administrative tasks will be part of your internship.



How you’ll do it

Central tasks for an intern in L&D include the facilitation and management of the day-to-day activities of the Belkin academy whilst developing new innovative methods and techniques. With this internship, you learn how to apply a diverse range of skills into real business environments and acquire effective time management skills.


·         Estimate and plan projects from start to finish, with built in contingencies

·         Build, develop and grow business relationships and opportunities vital to the success of projects

·         Direct and manage project developments from initial conception to completion

·         Track project milestones and deliverables

·         Conduct project presentations and reports to outline and highlight key findings and developments of projects



What you’ll need

  • Enrolled in University for the whole internship period
  • High level of English language (both oral and written)
  • Ability to effectively prioritize and execute tasks and manage deadlines
  • Some background experience in handling projects
  • Minimum duration of Internship 5-6 months (longer is also possible)
  • Ability to cope with limitations
  • Allocate resources effectively
  • Ability to work independently and team orientated, collaboratively
  • Strong interpersonal skills
  • Solutions oriented way of thinking

Essential competencies


  • Presenting and communicating information
  • Learning and researching
  • Planning and organising
  • Following instructions and procedures
  • Coping with pressures and setbacks 

Belkin competencies


  • Adhering to principles and values
  • Adapting and responding to change


What you’ve done

As an intern in the field of Learning and development, candidates should have the ability to plan, coordinate and manage projects, to assure that the project will be finished within the deadline. Interns should have prior relevant experience in managing projects. In addition, interns should be able to cope with unexpected changes and learn how to adapt, self-motivated, and have a great interest in the field of Learning and development.

What you’re getting into

We’ve got big collaborative spaces for your big ideas, so bring an open mind and leave your suit in the closet. We all are committed to creating unique and rewarding consumer experiences. Everyone is interested in succeeding – for the team, for themselves and for the business. Cross-functionally and across the company, everyone has common goals and aspires to be their best.


You will learn something new or at least look at things differently every day. There are so many smart and creative people around that you’ll be motivated to pursue the ideal.


Team spirit is infectious. Belkin is an extremely open workplace, where communication is essential. Not every idea will be accepted, but you’ll be asked for your point of view. Innovation thrives on multiple and varied levels. At Belkin we challenge conventional wisdom and refuse to accept that something cannot be done.



Do it

For more details and to apply for this position, email your CV and covering letter in English to: recruitment3@belkin.com

Visit us at www.belkin.com/careers

Twitter: @belkinjobs

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Belkin is an Equal Opportunity Employer and we are committed to diversity.