Enhance your wireless experience.

Do more, with Apps.

Apps aren't just for mobile devices anymore. Belkin routers now come with Apps to help you get more out of your home wireless network, all accessible through the Belkin Router Monitor, your on-screen network navigator.


Show your music how to move.

The MUSIC MOVER App lets you play MP3s from your music library on your home stereo—wirelessly. Connect your external hard drive where you store your music to the router—and move music from your computer to your stereo through devices like Xbox 360® and PlayStation® 3.

Available on: Play and Play Max


Print from anywhere in the house.

Printing has never been easier. Just connect any compatible printer to your Belkin router, and the PRINT GENIE App lets you print from any computer on the network, from anywhere in your home—wirelessly.

Available on: Share, Play and Play Max


The network that takes care of itself.

The SELF-HEALING App automatically detects and resolves network problems and runs routine maintenance scans to give you the clearest wireless channel. If attention is required, a notification will appear right on your screen—no more blinking lights under your desk.

Available on: Surf, Share, Play and Play Max


Mix it up.

Not sure what to listen to? Let the DAILY DJ App serve up daily personalized playlists from your music library. Analyzing the musical DNA of your music, the App lets you select one of three mood mixes: High-Energy, Steady Groove or Kick Back. Or create your own playlist by choosing a song and letting DAILY DJ offer a new take on your favorite music.

Available on: Play and Play Max


Protect your precious memories.

Digital files are time-consuming to keep track of and vulnerable to loss. The MEMORY SAFE App automatically backs up precious photos and important files to an external hard drive attached to the router—you choose what to back up and how often, and MEMORY SAFE makes sure it’s protected.

Available on: Share, Play and Play Max


Downloading made easy.

Don't wait around for large torrent downloads like movies, music and games. The TORRENT GENIE App lets you continue downloading even if your computer is shut down or asleep. When you come back, your large media files will be fully downloaded and ready to enjoy.

Available on: Play Max


Keep track of your tracks.

Is your music library cluttered with unidentified tracks? The MUSIC LABELER App automatically scans over 40 million songs from the Internet database and matches your track with the correct title, artist and genre. Rock on.

Available on: Play and Play Max


What's your priority?

What do you use the Internet for most? Whether it's videos or gaming, emailing or VoIP calls, the BIT BOOST App lets you easily select and prioritize your most important data streams for seamless network traffic.

Available on: Play Max

*DAILY DJ and MUSIC LABELER are provided by third-party companies. Belkin makes no assurance that they will continue to be available.

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