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This month, help a student start the new year off on the right foot.

Your purchases on Belkin.com help support the efforts of CFY, a national education nonprofit that helps students, teachers and families in low-income communities harness the power of digital learning to improve educational outcomes.

At Belkin we wholeheartedly support CFY's mission to use technology to help children realize their potential. To date, CFY has served more than 40,000 families from 100 schools nationwide and has demonstrated significant impact on student achievement, student engagement, parental confidence, and broadband adoption.

Make the most of your dollars by taking advantage of this month's special offer.

The more
you spend.
The more
we donate.
Spend We'll Donate
$24.99 – $49.98 $1.00
$49.99 – $74.98 $2.00
$74.99 – $99.98 $3.00
$99.99 or more $4.00

To make a difference in your neighborhood or learn more about CFY, click here.