Tablet Stand with Smart Stylus for iPad/ Tablet



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Use Your Tablet Around the House 

Designed with Home Chefs in Mind
Made especially for use while multi-tasking, the Tablet Stand with Smart Stylus gives you the freedom to interact with your tablet while you carry on with your busy day — without worrying about touching your device with messy hands. Perfect for use in the kitchen, the garage, or garden, the case-compatible stand has a non-slip rubber base and two different angles for optimum viewing.

Like Magic
The Tablet Stand with Smart Stylus included stylus allows you to browse the Internet without ever laying a finger on your screen. It comes with its own storage stand and is easy to grab while you are busy with other tasks. The magnetic tip works with any touchscreen, and can be used to wake up an iPad 2.

All components can be washed by hand using warm, soapy water.

Belkin Chef Stand + Stylus for iPad 2 and Tablet

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  • Made for use with messy hands
  • Stand has a non-slip rubber base and dual angles for easy viewing
  • Stylus is easy to grip and has a magnetic tip that can wake up an iPad 2
  • Includes stand, stylus, stylus holder
  • Hand-washable
  • Case-compatible
  • 1-Year Limited Warranty

  • iPad 2

  • iPad 3rd gen

  • iPad (Original)

  • iPad mini

  • iPad mini 2