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Developed to deliver a high quality, total cleaning solution, allowing the best picture quality from today's high end video display devices. Whether your hardware is Plasma, LCD or CRT our Belkin Mini Display Cleaning Kit will ensure you get the cleanest possible display.

The advanced low viscosity, gel based formula will stay where you spray it until you wipe it off reducing the risk of damage to your expensive equipment. Unlike household grade cleaners, the Mini Display Cleaner is designed to clean without damaging the delicate finish on modern display devices. The anti-static formula also ensures that you clean less often as airborne pollutants are not drawn to your display.

Our scratch-free, microfibre cloth gently cleans screens and lenses to the highest possible clarity.

With the Belkin Mini Display Cleaner, you can ensure nothing gets between you and the best picture your screen can provide.

  • Alcohol Free - contains no alcohol or ammonia, ensuring no damage to the delicate finish on today's high-end display devices.
  • Low Viscosity Gel - the gel based formula reducesoverspray and dripping.
  • Anti Static - reduces static build-up to ensure lower attraction of airborne dust and grime.
  • Residue Free - wipes completely clean leaving no streaks residue or buildup.
  • Microfibre Cleaning Cloth - includes a professional grade,cleaning cloth for a scratch free clean.
  • Perfect for:
    * TV's
    * Laptops
    * Monitors
    * MP3 Players
    * Portable DVD Players
    * GPS
    * In-Car Displays
    * Smartphones
    * Digital Cameras