Grip Neon Glo Case for iPod touch 5th gen


Grip Neon Glo Case for iPod touch 5th gen



  • Reflection
  • Electric
  • Glow
  • Day Glow
  • Blacktop


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Protect your fifth-generation iPod touch while adding a splash of bright color with the Grip Case. This glossy, vibrantly colored iPod case protects against nicks, scratches, and day-to-day wear while letting you express yourself with a pop of color. The Grip Case is form-fitting, slender, and lightweight, offering the protection of sturdy, durable TPU without adding bulk.

Protection with Glossy, Vibrant Color
The Grip Case provides a dose of color and shine with its selection of eye-catching tones. Choose from Blacktop and Reflection to add sleek, edgy style to your ensemble while protecting your fifth-generation iPod touch from wear and tear.
Lightweight, Durable TPU with Beveled Edges
Made of lightweight, flexible TPU, the Grip Case is slender enough to be tossed in a pocket or purse. The form-fitting case won't leave gaps or loose areas, offering protection without bulk. Its beveled edges keep the screen free of scratches. 

Protects without Limiting Access
The Grip Case covers all buttons without limiting access to any controls or ports, so you'll enjoy unimpeded use of your phone while it's protected. On the back, an opening in the case gives the camera lens an unobstructed view. Additionally, the case has a hole for a lanyard or strap so you can hang your device from a belt loop, backpack, or your wrist.  

Warranty Information
The Grip Case is backed by a one-year warranty.
What's in the Box
Grip Case for iPod touch 5th gen


  • Bright colors and glossy finish add fun and excitement
  • Fits your fifth-generation iPod touch
  • Protects while allowing access to controls and ports
  • TPU case offers flexibility and durability
  • Slender, compact design fits in pocket or purse


  • iPod touch 5th gen