DualFit Armband for Samsung GALAXY S II



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Get Active with Your GALAXY S II

Ideal Fit
This ultra-comfortable armband provides full protection for your GALAXY S II while exercising or just on the go. The lightweight, breathable neoprene material has a closure that adjusts to fit and also provides easy on / off access so you can easily transition from your run to your daily routine.

The material is water-resistant and hand-washable, with a reflective stripe for safety. It gives you full-protection and easy navigation access to your GALAXY S II, while minimizing the bulk on your arm.

  • Armband closure adjusts to fit
  • Slim, lightweight, and stretchable neoprene material
  • Water-resistant
  • Hand-washable
  • Reflective stripe for safety
  • Cover protects GALAXY S II screen while allowing easy navigation