Cooling Lounge


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Cooling Lounge


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Stay Comfortable While Your Laptop Stays Cool

Soft and Supportive
Enjoy the comfort of a cushy lapdesk with built-in fan and patented wave design for improved air circulation and device performance. Use in bed, on the couch, or wherever you love to lounge.

Cooling Comfort
Unique Airflow design pulls cool air in smoothly through the ventilation grill and moves hot air away from you and your laptop. The fan also directs air right to the heat source. Plus height is adjustable so you can find the ideal angle for your device.

  • Cushioned for comfort on your lap
  • Airflow design pulls cool air in and pushes hot air away
  • Fan directs air right to the heat source
  • USB-powered

    • Acer C7 Chromebook3

    • HP Chromebook 11

    • HP Pavilion Chromebook

    • MacBook Air

    • MacBook Air 11”

    • MacBook Air 13”

    • MacBook Pro (2014)

    • Macbook Pro 13"

    • MacBook Pro 13”

    • Macbook Pro 15"

    • MacBook Pro 15”

    • MacBook Pro 17”