iPad Air 

Add Some Awesome to Your New iPad with Our New Accessories

A new iPad means new accessories, and Belkin has everything you need to make your new iPad Air even better. Whether you want to make your iPad more stylish, functional or durable, our wide variety of accessories has something to fit your needs.

Must-Have Apple iPad Air Accessories

Increase your productivity with our new iPad Air keyboard cases. Lightweight and thin, every case is engineered to be natural extension of the iPad itself. With large, well-spaced keys, our line of QODE keyboard accessories for iPad makes typing easy and comfortable, no matter where you are. The iPad Air keyboard cases are also perfect to take on the go, because they double as protective cases, keeping your iPad Air safe during your commute, at the office, on a plane — virtually anywhere.

Not only do our new keyboard cases also work as durable covers for the iPad Air, the covers themselves transform into adjustable stands, giving you even more control when using your new iPad. Simply open the case and angle your iPad Air closer to you or farther away, whatever viewing angle suits you best. The new keyboard cases are a great alternative to a laptop, because they keep your iPad as portable as ever. So whether you’re sitting at a table, on the couch or on the bus, you have the full functionality of a laptop, without sacrificing the lightweight portability and convenience you love about your iPad.

The Hottest Cases for iPad Air by Belkin

You’ve invested a lot in your new iPad, so it deserves the best in style and protection. Good thing our Apple iPad Air case accessories offer both. Made from the best materials that make our cases both super lightweight and extremely durable, you get complete protection without adding bulk to your iPad Air. So no matter which case you choose, it’s easy to take your new iPad Air with you and keep it safe wherever you go.

If you're looking for fun and functional accessories for your iPad Air, we have everything you need. With our diverse selection of cases, keyboards, and other iPad Air gear, you’ll be sure to find something that matches your style and fits your lifestyle.