Belkin Pre-N Wireless Router
I can stronly recommend the Belkin Pre-N - Walt Mossberg, Consumer Raves

…I am very favorably impressed. The range and speed improvements over standard Wi-Fi gear are striking...I can strongly recommend the Belkin Pre-N wireless router and laptop card, especially for anyone plagued by weak reception or dead spots in a home or office.
– Walt Mossberg, Wall Street Journal. January 6, 2005.

…we found Belkin’s performance simply unparalleled...Overall, we were extremely impressed with the wireless performance, interface and client utility.
– PC Magazine. October 7, 2004.

Laptop Editors' Choice
Fast performance, incredible range, easy setup, super security: Belkin's Pre-N router has it all…
– John Brandon, LAPTOP Magazine. January 2005.

From the 16th floor, penthouse suite of Manhattan’s Royalton Hotel, Belkin streamed Spiderman 2 to the ground floor plaza outside the hotel without a break in the action.
– “Wi-Fi Gets a Speed Boost.” August 11, 2004.

Wireless networking just got better…both the best range and the fastest throughput we've seen to date…it blows its predecessors out of the water.
– CNET Reviews Reviewed by Xiao Ming Wu, Edited by Allen Fear. December 6, 2004

And from what we saw of the Belkin Wireless Pre-N Router, the performance-40.7Mbps at 60 feet and over 8.9Mbps at 160 feet-is unmatched…
– Oliver Kaven, PC Magazine. October 7, 2004.

Do Extended-range WLAN technologies deliver? It's clear that Airgo [the maker of the chips used in the Belkin Pre-N router] has really come up with something special with its True MIMO technology, which is the clear throughput vs. range winner in my testing…
– Tim Higgins, Tom's Networking. November 15, 2004.

…We experienced no interoperability problems-the MIMO gear worked well with all the other equipment. Finally, having MIMO on at least one end of the connection let us establish a link when we couldn't establish a homogeneous connection…We recommend these first MIMO-based products to residential users. There is significantly better throughput and range performance than conventional products in every case we tested. MIMO-based is a better approach than adding third-party, high-gain antennas or active repeaters…
– Craig Mathias, Network World. “MIMO products boost 802.11g networks.” March 21, 2005

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