Illustration of connection types for the Belkin Pre-N Router Illustration of laptop connection for the Belkin Pre-N Router Illustration of desktop connection for the Belkin Pre-N Router
Wow! That's all I can say - B. Hines. Richville, New York 3 easy steps
Step 1. Install

Insert the CD in your CD-ROM. The Easy Install Wizard will examine your computer settings.

Step 2. Connect

The Easy Install Wizard automatically walks you through connecting the cables from your Router to the computer and modem (one cable included).

Step 3. Configure

The software automatically configures the Router to work with your Internet provider.

How it works

Once connected, your Belkin Wireless Pre-N Router allows you to share your broadband internet access, transfer files between networked computers, and use printers and other devices from anywhere in your home! Its state-of-the-art wireless technology is easy to use, fast and dependable. The Belkin Pre-N offers unparalleled range and speed, works with both PCs and Macs and supports any device using standard 802.11 wireless technology. Its quite simply the best and easiest home wireless router available today.


What if your notebook doesn't have built in wireless, or you're running an older wireless PC card, or you simply want the maximum possible performance? The Pre-N notebook card is the perfect complement to the Pre-N Router.


There is even a Pre-N card to make your desktop computers wireless, so you can put them anywhere too.

Diagram illustrating the expanded range of the Belkin Pre-N router over standard 802.11b/g routers