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The Internet/WAN Tab is where you will set up your Router to connect to your Internet Service Provider. The Router is capable of connecting to virtually any Internet Service Provider's system provided that you have correctly configured the Router's settings for your ISP's connection type. To configure the Router to connect to your ISP, click on "Connection type" on the Internet/WAN Tab on the left of the screen.

Connection types supported:
  Dynamic: Including ISPs that require a host name and ISPs that bind the connection to a specific MAC address.
  Static IP address: The Router supports a connection to an ISP which assigns a static IP address.
  PPPoE: The Router supports a dynamic connection type which requires a PPPoE login for authentication.
  PPTP: For European users ONLY. The Router supports connections to European ISP's which connect via PPTP.
  Telstra Bigpond/Optus Cable: Australian users ONLY. The router supports connection to Telstra Bigpond/Optus Cable.