Wireless G Plus Desktop Card

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The Belkin Wireless G Plus Desktop Card connects your desktop computer to your wireless network. With a Belkin Wireless G Plus Router as the central connection point of your network, your computers can share your high-speed Internet connection as well as files, printers, and hard drives.

By achieving networking speeds that are faster than standard 802.11g, the Wireless G Desktop Card provides increased "real world" networking speeds. This means you will see overall speed improvements in "mixed mode" networking environments where other 802.11g devices may be present. Wireless G Plus offers even faster speeds in pure G Plus networking environments. Wireless G Plus technology is interoperable with all other wireless devices.


  • Connects your Desktop computer to a faster wireless network
  • 35% faster than 802.11g
  • Advanced security features including WEP and WPA
  • Complies with 802.11g standards, backward compatible with 802.11b



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