TuneCast® 3 FM Transmitter

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Now you can play your tunes in your car through any MP3 player, computer, or laptop to listen to your favorite tunes through any FM stereo receiver. The Belkin TuneCast 3 connects portable music players to your car or home stereo quickly and easily over FM radio waves.

Compatible with following iPods

  • nano-2g-al-2-4-8
  • nano-1g-1-2-4
  • shuffle-2g-1
  • shuffle-1g-512-1
  • 5g-video-30-60-80
  • 5g-video-30
  • 4g-color-40-60
  • 4g-color-20-30
  • 4g-40
  • 4g-20
  • 3g-30-40
  • 3g-10-15-20
  • mini-1g-4-6


  • Delivers best-in-class audio
  • Works with iPod devices, PDAs, MP3 players, CD and cassette players, or computers (using a headphone jack)
  • Features easy-to-read, OLED screen
  • Programs the clearest frequency with preset buttons
  • Operates on FM channels from 88.1MHz-107.9MHz
  • Draws power from batteries or car power adapter, not your MP3 player
  • Positions easily in car with included clip
  • Lets you use as much of the 20-inch cable as you like, with integrated cable management
  • Plays your music in stereo or mono audio
  • Comes with a 3-Year Warranty



Available at these Belkin distributors:Part #
Ingram MicroL73852
Tech Data90388D
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