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OmniView IP* 51XXK - KVM/IP Switch

The OmniView SMB KVM-over-IP Switch enables network administrators to monitor and control their servers from anywhere, at anytime. This round-the-clock access lets you troubleshoot servers faster and more efficiently, dramatically reducing server downtime and service costs. Designed to grow along with your server network, the Switch expands to support up to 248 servers via daisy-chaining. The Switch features built-in CAT5 technology to provide simplified deployment and reduced cable clutter.

One Server Interface Module is required per server connected to the SMB KVM-over-IP Switch. Server Interface Modules are available for PS/2, USB, and Legacy Sun servers.

Provides centralized control for 1 remote or 1 local user
Lets you access servers over a TCP/IP connection using a Web browser
Provides BIOS-level access to make changes and reboot servers
128-bit SSL encryption protects data transferred over the Internet
User-friendly interface provides quick setup and easy access to servers
Supports serial devices such as PDUs, to perform hard reboots remotely
Requires no software or licensing fees
CAT5 cabling reduces cable bulk and simplifies deployment
Keep-alive intelligence improves server uptime and stability
Allows servers to be placed up to 100 ft. from Switch
Daisy-chains with OmniView SMB and PRO3 KVM Switches to support up to 248 servers
Provides multi-platform support for PS/2, USB, and Sun servers
Comes with a 2-year warranty and free technical support


*OmniView is a registered trademark of Belkin International, Inc.


Part # Product Name More Info Price Select
F1DP101M OmniView IP* 5101K - KVM/IP Device Support Center   $679.99   Sold out
F1DP108G OmniView IP* 5108K KVM Switch Support Center   $929.99   Sold out
F1DP116G OmniView IP* 5116K KVM Switch Support Center   $1049.90   Sold out
Please Note: this product does NOT include cables. The recommended cables are listed below:
F1DP101A-AP  OmniView® SMB Server Interface Module, PS/2   $89.99  
F1DP101A-AP-8PK  OmniView® SMB Server Interface Module, PS/2, 8-Pack   $579.99  
F1DP101A-AU  OmniView® SMB Server Interface Module, USB   $89.99   Coming Soon
F1DP101A-AU-8PK  OmniView® SMB Server Interface Module, USB (8-Pack)   $619.99   Coming Soon
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