NOKIA Sony Ericsson Motorola Samsung Sanyo Palm Treo LG Other
2550 D750i E1070 A437 Katana Treo 755p LG Fusic Audiovox XV-6600
2630 K510a E770 A707 Katana II Treo 700wx LG Env Pantech C3B
2760 K510i KRZR A717 SCP-3200 Treo 700p LG VX5300 Verizon XV6700
2865 K530i KRZR K1 A727 SCP-8400 LG VX8700  
3109 K550i KRZR K3 M300 LG VX9400  
3110 K550im L2 M510  
3500 K600i L6 S629  
5200 K608i L6i T329  
5300 K610i Motorola ic902 T409  
5500 K610im PEBL U6 T519  
5700 K750i RAZR 2 V9m T619  
6085 K790a RAZR maxx V6 T719  
6086 K800i RAZR V3m  
6110 K810i RAZR V3t  
6111 K850i RAZR V3x  
6121 M600i RIZR V6  
6125 P1i RIZR Z3  
6126 P990i ROKR Z6  
6131 P990i ROZR Z6m  
6133 S500i SLVR L7  
6136 S710a SLVR L7i  
6151 T650i SLVR L9  
6210 V600i V3xx  
6233 V630i W510  
6234 W300i  
6265 W300i  
6267 W300i  
6270 W550i  
6275 W580i  
6280 W600i  
6282 W610i  
6288 W660i  
6290 W700i  
6300 W710i  
6500 W710i  
7370 W800i  
7373 W810i  
7390 W850i  
8600 W880i  
8800 W900i  
E65 W950i  
E90 W950i  
N72 W960i  
N73 Z310a  
N75 Z310i  
N76 Z520a  
N77 Z525a  
N80 Z525i  
N93 Z530i  
N93i Z550a  
N95 Z710i  
Note: The cell phones listed above are recognized and supported by the Bluetooth USB Adapter. If this list does not include your phone, it does not necessarily mean that your phone is not compatible with the Bluetooth USB Adapter.  Testing is still pending.